What Can a College Consultant Do For You?

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Your child's future is the utmost concern. Ensuring he or she has the preparation, skills, and personal development for a successful career and a fulfilling life is your mission as parent. The college-bound family should be an informed consumer. Spending $50-200 thousand dollars on a college education without certainty about how that investment will pay off is too much of a gamble.

Much of the most important information about college is hidden from the average family. While colleges bombard families and the media with endless statistics and marketing messages, the truth about colleges and careers gets further obscured. High school counselors... Read More »

Secrets of Choosing the Right College(s)

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Few families are exposed to anything but surface-level information about prospective colleges. Become an informed consumer! Be very cautious about investing 50-200 thousand dollars in a college education. Be certain that you receive value for your money. Don't follow the masses and then assume things will work out as hoped for. Each family must have convincing evidence about basic but crucial issues. Is the school strong in the student's area of interest? Most 18 year- olds do not know their future major. Few high school students and families explore the details of possible majors and how these might lead to a career path. Choosing a school without informed, developed plans for study is risky. What academic domains are... Read More »