A Selection of Colleges That Recent Clients Have Been Accepted To

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  Harvard Yale Princeton Dartmouth Brown Penn Cornell Stanford MIT University of Chicago UC-Berkeley UCLA USC Santa Clara Pomona Claremont Mckenna University of San Diego UC-San Diego UC-Santa Barbara University of Washington UT-Austin Texas A&M Rice Trinity (TX) SMU TCU Tulane Emory University of Miami (FL) University of Florida University of Georgia University of Virginia University of North Carolina Boston College Boston University Washington University-St. Louis Tufts Vanderbilt Georgetown Wesleyan Vassar Cooper Union NYU American University George Washington Penn State University of Michigan University of Illinois Purdue University of Indiana Northwestern DePaul University of Denver University of Colorado-Boulder Bowdoin Bates Colby Connecticut College Macalester College Carleton College Case Western... Read More »

The Cost of College

Hard Truth Alert: For most middle class or wealthier families, college will cost a fortune and tuition will increase faster than the yearly rate of inflation. A decent college option for your child costs a minimum of $25,000 per year, before any merit or financial aid. Since schools only keep 6 year graduation rates, we follow their assumption that it will take 6 years to matriculate. The cost is $150,000 for those 6 years. Your investment, however, is not for the 6 years but also for the additional 40 years of work your child most likely will put in. The math will tell you that the investment for those 46 years works out to be approximately $9.00 per... Read More »

Higher Expectations: Is a Master’s Degree a Requirement for a Middle Class Salary?

Vox.com has a fascinating look into the changing domain of secondary and tertiary education over the last 50 years in the new post, "Master's Degrees Are as Common Now as Bachelor's Degrees Were in the '60s."  The post summarizes research done by the U.S. Department of Education on the rise of the Master's degree over the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • 8% of Americans, approximately 16 million people, hold a Master's degree as of 2012, a 43% increase since 2002.  Is some of this educational attainment occurring as college graduates and young workers seek shelter from the poor labor market? One would suspect so, but increased domestic... Read More »

    How to Research A College Online

    Lots of students and parents are bemused by the beautiful and complex websites that colleges and universities offer. Many college websites are plagued by information and image overload, perhaps as a specific marketing strategy aimed at capturing a viewer's attention immediately. American colleges spend beaucoup dollars researching the behavior of website visitors and focus much of their marketing muscle on creating an image of prestige and abundance with pictures of impressive facilities, student success stories, and faculty achievements.  However, all of this information and imagery does not tell one about what actually happens to real students at this particular college or university.  Fortunately, your friends at NACAC,  the National Association for College Admission Counseling, have shared some insights about how to get to the most relevant and unofficial information about... Read More »

    Openings at Texas Colleges and Universities for Fall 2014 as of May 6, 2014

    If you are still seeking a place to go to college this fall, do not fret; some options still exist.  Please see the attached PDF for openings available to freshman and transfer applicants for Fall 2014 at Texas colleges and universities as of May 6, 2014. Some schools still have financial aid available, including Baylor University. SpaceAvailability at TX Colleges for Spring... Read More »

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