About Us

Dr. Marshall Shumsky has over 40 years of experience with college education including 2 decades as a professor and admissions committee member at  Northwestern University,  the University of Virginia, and Cal State University at Northridge. In addition, Dr. Shumsky has been an educational consultant for the Los Angeles and Houston public school districts.

As one of the first college consultants in the United States, and the very first in Houston, TX, Dr. Shumsky has 20+ years of successfully guiding students and families through the college admissions process. His successes have garnered national attention from news media such as The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Houston Chronicle and ABC Television. Dr. Shumsky’s position as an outside, objective observer of education, careers, and young adults and his insider experience and contacts with college faculty and administrators allows for an informed voice that families count on. Simply put, Dr. Shumsky will cut through the rumors and media hype to give you frank, considerate feedback about your child’s college and career plans.

Hayden Shumsky has followed in the footsteps of his father and colleague, joining forces with Dr. Shumsky in 2006 after several years as an educational consultant in New York City. Hayden’s experience as a hiring manager in global finance and technology corporations has led to an informed viewpoint about the requirements of an education that leads to career success. Further, Hayden’s work as a Personal Professional Coach with young adults has led to a keen insight into a teenager’s reasoning and difficulty planning for his or her’s future.