A Selection of Colleges That Recent Clients Have Been Accepted To

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  Harvard Yale Princeton Dartmouth Brown Penn Cornell Stanford MIT University of Chicago UC-Berkeley UCLA USC Santa Clara Pomona Claremont Mckenna University of San Diego UC-San Diego UC-Santa Barbara University of Washington UT-Austin Texas A&M Rice Trinity (TX) SMU TCU Tulane Emory University of Miami (FL) University of Florida University of Georgia University of Virginia University of North Carolina Boston College Boston University Washington University-St. Louis Tufts Vanderbilt Georgetown Wesleyan Vassar Cooper Union NYU American University George Washington Penn State University of Michigan University of Illinois Purdue University of Indiana Northwestern DePaul University of Denver University of Colorado-Boulder Bowdoin Bates Colby Connecticut College Macalester College Carleton College Case Western... Read More »

5 Myths About College That Must Die Immediately

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  1. “The Big Whopper” of a myth that is highly destructive to college outcomes: All colleges are basically the same.

    This one could not be more wrong. In the United States, the pedagogical differences between public research universities with 30,000 or more students and liberal arts or teaching-oriented colleges are vast. Not to mention the differences in campus cultures and the kind of students attending a particular colleges. Colleges vary in who they can best serve and not every college can meet every particular student's unique social, academic, and cultural needs.
  2. The more prestigious a school is, the higher the quality of education available.

    Again, this could not be further from the truth. Much of the prestige that a college acquires is due to the faculty... Read More »

    Fall 2014 UCLA Survey of Incoming Freshmen Shows Mental Health at All Time Low

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    The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA has released the findings from their annual survey of incoming college freshmen. Sadly, this year's results show a continuing of the trend of poor mental health conditions amongst new college freshman. The average mental health score of incoming college freshman (100=high, 1=low) was reported at an all time record low of 50.7. Further, the survey finds that 9.5% of students reported feeling frequently depressed, the all time record high in 49 years of surveying. Common behaviors reported by those who were frequently or occasionally depressed were over-sleeping, frequent class absences, and far lower rates of engagement in social and campus... Read More »

    How to Choose The Right Colleges for Your Needs

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