What Can a College Consultant Do For You?

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Your child’s future is the utmost concern. Ensuring he or she has the preparation, skills, and personal development for a successful career and a fulfilling life is your mission as parent. The college-bound family should be an informed consumer. Spending $50-200 thousand dollars on a college education without certainty about how that investment will pay off is too much of a gamble.

Much of the most important information about college is hidden from the average family. While colleges bombard families and the media with endless statistics and marketing messages, the truth about colleges and careers gets further obscured. High school counselors can assist you with the basics of getting accepted to college. They cannot, however, help your child prepare for a long-term future.

Dr. Marshall Shumsky’s College Admissions Clinic is here to ensure that your child gets the best college experience available. That includes meeting the academic, personal, social, and occupational needs of each client. We build trusting and honest relationships with our clients. Together we explore possibilities: academic departments, majors, social pursuits, and graduate school and careers. We answer questions frankly and support our clients through every step of the process.

With our insider contacts in college faculty and administration, from more than 25 years of working with families on college and careers and 40 years working in undergraduate education, we know exactly what it takes to make the transition from high school onto college, then graduate school and careers.

Our process ensures that your family knows the truth about the college landscape: what it takes to get in, the schools that prepare and support your child, and the path to fruitful careers. We look beyond the rankings and the marketing brochures and websites. We cut through the rumor networks and mis-information. Our duty is to illuminate the path from high school to adulthood. Our only concern is our client’s success.


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