Soon to be High School Seniors, Here’s Your Blueprint for Admission Success and a Stress-Free Summer

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Summer before Senior year is a crucial period in the college admissions process.  Spending your time wisely is very important.  The choices you make this summer will determine if your fall semester is a breeze or a disaster. If you have completed all of these steps, then you can relax and enjoy a peaceful summer:
  • Created a research list of 20 prospective colleges that fulfill my academic, social, and vocational needs
  • Reduced the list to the 10 colleges I will apply to
  • Have accurately categorized the 10 schools into Stretches, Targets and Safeties
  • Visited 2 of my safeties and know I can be happy attending either if I receive no other acceptances
  • Had tours at some target and reach schools
  • Had impactful interviews at my top... Read More »

    How to Gain Admission to the College of Your Dreams

    Each year some highly qualified students are rejected by colleges they should have been accepted to.  Yet mysteriously, some less-qualified students are accepted by schools that were seemingly beyond their reach. Do you want to know why? THEME, NOT NUMBERS IS THE KEY TO ADMISSIONS SUCCESS. Grades and standardized test scores are only the first standard by which admissions will decide to take a candidate seriously. Admissions’ interest in a particular student is only maintained if the application has a coherent theme.
    "All roads lead to and from the theme." -Karen Spencer, Georgetown Admissions Officer
    The families that have not understood this critical point (THEME, THEME, and THEME), will be surprised and disappointed by letters of rejection. If you rely on the data from... Read More »

    Writing A Top Notch Application Essay

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    The biggest and most common mistake application essay writers make is  hiding themselves from the reader.  In an application essay, you are writing in a personal tone. Be naked and honest! Let a reader get to know you.  Paint a picture of some important pieces of your life.  Let your personality shine through. In the essays you write for English or history classes, you can distance yourself from the personal by using the 3rd person nomenclature.  Not in a personal application essay! In the 1st person voice, what is written and implied is only you. Interesting ideas, sharply worded sentences, correct word usage and writing mechanics are not only needed, but mandatory.  To make a positive first impression on the reader, one... Read More »

    Understanding Letters of Recommendation

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    Increasingly, letters of recommendation are the make or break element of the application.  Many students and family underestimate the importance of receiving the "right" kind of recommendations.  Admissions staff read recommendations very thoroughly, looking for hints or code words that will lead to insight about an applicant. To ensure that you receive helpful, detailed recommendations, you need to take the following steps: Choose your recommend-ers carefully- Ask yourself the following: Is this teacher relevant to my college course of study? Will this teacher take the time to have a conversation about my experiences, prospective colleges, prospective paths of study?  Am I confident that he/she will write a detailed, honest account of my growth and my strengths and weaknesses? For counselors, you... Read More »