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So the Winter Break is over and we’re back to work here at College Admissions Clinic. For 2011, we have many exciting things planned. You will hear about them shortly as the details become clear. In the meantime, we have a little spring in our step because the early decision/early action acceptances have rolled in. While our job can be tough, working intimately with people is never only roses and sugarcakes, this time of year is always rewarding.

After putting in the work of the fall application season push, we can sit back and watch the rewards come in. In a way, it’s similar to a farmer’s harvest. Not every single seed that we planted in fall 2010 will come up as a full grown, bountiful plant, but the vast majority do. Over the last 25 years, our batting average is very high. Unscientifically, I would estimate that 99% of our clients are accepted by one of their top 3 target schools. While I feel a small twinge of pride at the successes of our clients, I don’t take too much personal credit.

Our students work hard: they study, play sports, participate in arts and extra-curriculars, and keep our community functioning at a high level with their volunteer service. And when application season rolls around, they shift into an even higher gear, adding the burden of essays, applications, and the stress of the unknown future to their normal load of school and after-school stuff.

So when the phone call, email, or letter comes our way, the one with big exclamation points and the college of their dreams underlined 3 times, I am mostly proud. I am proud to be a small part of the exciting future of my clients. Their hopes and dreams, their vision of where they want to go, their life path lays right before them. What a thrill to see the ecstatic face of a teenager who is accepted to the college of their dreams. Thank you clients for sharing your energy. It keeps us going on the toughest days of the year.


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