Things Are Tough All Over, Part 1,998,753

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Two articles of note this morning from NY Times and the Houston Press:

In response to tough job market, law schools are inflating grades.  Law students are seeing their grades rise by as much as one grade point as schools adjust their grading systems to make graduates more attractive to hiring managers.  This seems like an awfully crass method of responding to the Great Recession. The odds of this making any difference in potential hires is low and the cost to law school reputations are high.  So why would schools such as UT-Austin and Georgetown play such a devious game?

In the Houston Press, Rice University’s Shannon Franklin, assistant director of the Jones Graduate School of Business, talks about the tough times Rice MBA’s are facing in the job market.

Do we have a hard time finding employment for our students? Yes we do.

Our last two classes have seen a significant downfall in employment. So I think that tells [current students] a lot. Things are still evolving, things are still down…

There are jobs there, but it’s just very competitive. Companies that have hired a lot [in the past], now they’re just hiring for one position, one student. That’s pretty tough, because they’re not just going to Rice. They’re going to all these other schools to find that one applicant.


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