Budget Cuts, Huge Tutition Increases at Public Universities

April 13, 2010 by  
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JNES5HNW74N9 At least 39 states have cut assistance to public colleges and universities, resulting in reductions in faculty and staff.  In some states the budget crises created by the recession have created massive problems on campus.  In California, tenured faculty have been asked to take wage cuts and are working up to 21 unpaid days this year.  Further, budget cuts and tuition raises in the University of California system have faced huge resistance from faculty and students.  For the first time in decades, UC campuses have seen student occupation of administrative buildings, student and faculty joint protests and marches, and on-campus rioting.

The conflicts are less aggressive at other state universities, but are causing great difficulties nonetheless.  For the near future, public universities will continue to cut budgets and reduce faculty headcount and salaries as pressure on state revenues rises following the recession.  As a student on such a campus, one can expect career services, professor availability, and class availability to drop due to reduced funding.  On the tuition front, universities are raising both in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees in the face of budget cuts.  As an example, here are current total estimated costs for public universities which are popular with Texas students.

U Georgia $36,210.00

U Arizona $35,930.00

U Alabama $34,815.00

Colorado-Boulder $42,000.00

UCLA $52,491.00


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