College Admissions Clinic Radio Episode #1- How we can help your family

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Dr. Marshall Shumsky and Hayden Shumsky discuss the college admission process and their method of helping find the right fit colleges for students and families. Topics covered include:
  • Dr. Shumsky's unique experience as a professor at Northwestern Univ. and Univ. of Virginia and the insights he gained into why students needed help with finding the right college
  • How College Admissions Clinic are different from High School College Counselors.
  • Treating student interests and future prospects as the centerpiece of our work.
  • Approaching students as young adults with in our adult-to-adult collaboration.
  • Creating trusting, open relationships with students.
  • Helping students take control of the college selection process and carrying that to the rest of their lives.
  • Helping students to figure out how they might fit into different kinds... Read More »

    Soon to be High School Seniors, Here’s Your Blueprint for Admission Success and a Stress-Free Summer

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    Summer before Senior year is a crucial period in the college admissions process.  Spending your time wisely is very important.  The choices you make this summer will determine if your fall semester is a breeze or a disaster. If you have completed all of these steps, then you can relax and enjoy a peaceful summer:
    • Created a research list of 20 prospective colleges that fulfill my academic, social, and vocational needs
    • Reduced the list to the 10 colleges I will apply to
    • Have accurately categorized the 10 schools into Stretches, Targets and Safeties
    • Visited 2 of my safeties and know I can be happy attending either if I receive no other acceptances
    • Had tours at some target and reach schools
    • Had impactful interviews at my top... Read More »

      Yes, We Are on Facebook and Twitter

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      Our home on facebook is here. Or search for College Admissions Clinic in the facebook search box. You can also find our latest twitter updates here. Or find us at Thanks for supporting... Read More »

      How to Gain Admission to the College of Your Dreams

      Each year some highly qualified students are rejected by colleges they should have been accepted to.  Yet mysteriously, some less-qualified students are accepted by schools that were seemingly beyond their reach. Do you want to know why? THEME, NOT NUMBERS IS THE KEY TO ADMISSIONS SUCCESS. Grades and standardized test scores are only the first standard by which admissions will decide to take a candidate seriously. Admissions’ interest in a particular student is only maintained if the application has a coherent theme.
      "All roads lead to and from the theme." -Karen Spencer, Georgetown Admissions Officer
      The families that have not understood this critical point (THEME, THEME, and THEME), will be surprised and disappointed by letters of rejection. If you rely on the data from... Read More »

      More Nonsense About MBA Salaries

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      Business Week is adding suspicious fuel to the fire in the argument about the value of Business School.  Citing non-scientific, user-submitted salary data from Payscale is the first clue as to the dubious-ness of the massive salaries earned by MBAs from top business schools.  Second, even if the data were true, historical performance is no indicator of future success.  Just ask the MBAs from the Class of 2010.  Offers are way down and salaries are too. In the last month, we've received feedback regarding  job offers and salaries from contacts at MBA programs at UTexas-Austin, Yale, Babson, and Georgetown.  While this is not scientific data either, we've heard the same thing from all:  few job offers and much lower than... Read More »

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