If You Think a College Degree Is an Automatic Ticket to Jobs, You Are Mistaken.

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Study says 85% of college graduates are moving back in with mom and dad.  Recent Department of Labor employment numbers show near 50% of under 25 year olds unemployed.  Your college and career plans are not working.  Please get expert advice before blindly spending $50-200,000 on an undergraduate... Read More »

Hunger Striking New Lawyer Says, “A Law Degree Does Not Guarantee Employment”

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Dissafected, unemployed law school grads are raising a huge stink about about being misled by law schools. One blogger, Ethan Haines, is going on a hunger strike to bring attention to the situation. Today's Inside Higer Ed has the scoop on all the controversy. The abridged version is thus: Law degrees are expensive and law schools are not being honest about the putrid job market for new lawyers. Be very careful before investing $50-200,000 on a law... Read More »

Latest Stats on Class of 2010 Show Slight Improvement in Job Market

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According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, only 24.4% of the class of 2010's college grads had jobs upon graduation. Those are not exactly stellar numbers nor a great return on a college education.  However, this is an uptick over last year's job numbers, when only 19.7% of the class of 2009 had jobs upon graduation from college.  Missing from these job statistics are any indication of the quality of the jobs being offered to recent college graduates. I have no data to back this up, but my intuition is that actual hiring for "career oriented jobs" (i.e. those not in retail or restaurant sectors) is flat, with total job numbers up only because more grads are... Read More »

Moving In With Mom and Dad After Graduation

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Yesterday's Baltimore Sun reported on the epidemic of college grads moving back in with mom and dad after graduation.  A survey of the Class of 2010 college graduates reported that 7 out of 10 will move in with parents after graduation. But more significant than the short-term inconvenience of living at home again is the real struggle to find a job and start an adult life. Read More »

Young and Recession-ed in Houston

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New column in the Houston Press today about how local young people are being affected by the recession.  A local graduate from UT-Austin, Katelyn Orenchuk, has been unable to get a job since moving home to Houston following graduation in September of 2008.  Katelyn has applied for numerous jobs, but has not even gotten a call back yet.  The most moving words in the piece, and words that must absolutely break her family's heart, are as follows:
"The worst part is feeling that I'll have to settle for being less successful than my parents. Every generation is supposed to feel that they're going to do better. I don't want to be a burden on my family, but feeling that... Read More »

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