Summer Preparation Workshops for Soon to be College Freshmen

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The first year of college is filled with land mines that can dramatically undermine a student’s chances for graduate school or career success. Today’s students face a hyper-competitive market for graduate school admission and jobs; one where a grade point average less than 3.5 will severely restrict options. This is the harsh reality. This generation faces a degree of uncertainty unknown by college graduates in the last 50 years.

For most college students, the first year of classes produces the lowest grades. For many, their chances of accumulating a 3.5 average are lost after the first year.

There are many reasons why first-year college students struggle. They are away from home and the structure of high school, friends, family, and activities. The longed-for independence and freedom of college life require more skill and maturity than most freshmen are prepared for. College courses move faster, have limited opportunities for grade boosts from homework, and professors meander through lectures and texts in ways that perplex the average freshman.

In time, most students will meet the challenge that college demands. But often the transformation is too late. If one receives a GPA of 2.5-2.75 during the first year of classes, the odds of reaching the magical 3.5 number are poor.

The first two semesters will tell the tale. Succeed from the outset and remain consistent until graduation day, and you will make employers’ and grad schools’ short list. Struggle at the beginning and high aspirations become long shots.

We understand the exact difficulties that you will face and offer immediate steps to put you at an advantage. This summer we will offer two ‘College Preparation’ workshops for rising college freshmen. One workshop will provide students with the academic tools to earn at least a “B” in every class and an “A” in the classes that are most engaging. The other workshop will provide the mental preparation and time-management and decision-making tools to handle the demands of independent living, unstructured time, and college social life.

The students that completed the workshops last summer have performed excellently during their first year of college. I feel strongly that your child will be well-served by attending these workshops as well. Please call Hayden Shumsky at (713) 784-6610 X103, to enroll in the workshops or with any questions.


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