Openings at Texas Colleges and Universities for Fall 2014 as of May 6, 2014

If you are still seeking a place to go to college this fall, do not fret; some options still exist.  Please see the attached PDF for openings available to freshman and transfer applicants for Fall 2014 at Texas colleges and universities as of May 6, 2014. Some schools still have financial aid available, including Baylor University. SpaceAvailability at TX Colleges for Spring... Read More »

Understanding Acceptance Rates (Hint, They are Almost Meaningless)

An important wisdom from a  high school senior who applied to college this year from a recent NY Times article.  Acceptance percentages are meaningless and are not interchangeable with college selectiveness.  Acceptance rates give an applicant no indication of their chances for acceptance. Further, colleges with higher rates of acceptance may not be easier to get into than those with lower rates.  Why is this so? First, acceptance rates are not scientifically or independently verified, so we have no idea if they are even accurate.  Second, your likelihood of acceptance can only be judged in terms of where you fit in the school's applicant pool.  As every college separates their pools by type: athletes, performing arts superstars, international students, diversity... Read More »

Make No Mistake, 10th Grade Counts!

While Most High Schools and Families Emphasize 11th and 12th Grade Performance, College Admission Staff Insist That 10th Grade is Just as Important

Somewhere along the way, a false notion became conventional wisdom with local schools and families. The lingering incorrect idea is that the first two years of high school are less consequential in the college admission process than the final two. In fact, there are some who falsely believe that 9th and 10th grade do not matter at all. Well, this notion is flat out wrong. In fact, the college admissions staff that we talk to (at SMU, UT-Austin, USC, Vanderbilt, Trinity, and Texas A&M to name a few), advise that 4 semesters make or break a... Read More »

Welcome Back! It’s Time for Letters of Affirmation

It is a cool January morning here in Houston, but we are back from our winter break.  Most of the high school seniors have completed their applications at this point, but for those who have not, it is time to get moving.  If you have completed your applications, you should consider sending a letter of affirmation to those schools where you are awaiting a decision.  If you applied via regular decision or were deferred after applying for early admission, now is the time to update your prospective colleges on your first semester achievements.  How were your grades? Did you complete any special or interesting projects? Have you started something new and important?  Write the admission officer for your region and... Read More »

If You Think a College Degree Is an Automatic Ticket to Jobs, You Are Mistaken.

May 11, 2011 by  
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Study says 85% of college graduates are moving back in with mom and dad.  Recent Department of Labor employment numbers show near 50% of under 25 year olds unemployed.  Your college and career plans are not working.  Please get expert advice before blindly spending $50-200,000 on an undergraduate... Read More »

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